Gangshan Land Office, Land Administration Bureau, Kaohuiung City Government
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* Volunteer Service

•  Basis of Establishment:

•  In accordance with the No. 4 item of 1993 Assessment of Public Service Works of the Executive Yuan—(3) Use of volunteer workers .

•  In accordance with the “Establishment Basis of Voluntary Service Employment in Land Offices” approved by the Kaohsiung County Government in 1994.

•  In accordance with “Voluntary Service Act” which was newly set in 2001.

•  Working Hours: 9:00AM ~ 11:30AM / 2:00PM ~ 4:30PM

•  Service Scope:

• (1) Answer questions associated with the regulations of land policy (questions such as doubts about land policy, application procedures and requirements of different cases, etc.)

• (2) Lead people to the appropriate consulting unit or personnel.

• (3) Provide different kinds of free application forms needed by the applicants and explain to them the items needed to be filled up.

• (4) Assist in the metric conversions of land areas.

• (5) Other public services (Explanation of procedures, guidance and reference of case conditions, assist in photocopying of different documents, etc.)

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