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  • Gangshan land office , Land Administration Bureau , Kaohsiung City Government

Organization Framework

Gangshan Land office,Land Administration Bureau,kaohsiung City Government

Organizational Chart
Elaborate on:
3.Accounting and Statistics Section
3-1.Budget calculation and other relevant accounting affairs
4.Personnel Section
4-1.Appointment and discharge, transfer and allocation of personnel; public insurance pension for retired public servants; compensation and welfare benefits
5.Land Use Section
5-1.Land arrangement and utilization; public land release; research and evaluation; cashier; document filing; management of general affairs
6.Land Value Section
6-1.Announcement of land prices; announcement of land current values
7.Land survey Section
7-1.Land revision survey; construction survey; carry out land survey as requested by the Court; registration of unregistered lands and cadastral map resurveying
8.Land Registration Section
8-1.Transaction of all land registration transcripts; processing of transfer, alteration and establishment of land and building titles; land office information services