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  • Gangshan land office , Land Administration Bureau , Kaohsiung City Government

Core Values & Future Vision

 In order to have the objective of this office stride forward a big step, efficiency of "doing the right things" and outcomes of "doing things right" are both very important. Therefore, in order to strengthen and cohere with the core values and vision of this office, a definite framework must be constructed:

 Development and service vision of the office – Vigorously promote self-development and profound organization learning

 Core value of the office – Enthusiasm, Professional and Innovation

 ENTHUSIASM . We must tell our clients how hard we work to serve them, or ask them whether the service we rendered conform to their needs.

 PROFESSIONAL . Contents: Professional knowledge, professional skills and moralities. Being professional is doing things at utmost best within a certain limit of time.

 INNOVATION. To develop organizational creativities, expand creativity training, maintain resilience, and lead colleagues to create a milestone of innovation.

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Core Values & Future Vision